Where do I find the serial number of my cart?
Cart Serial Number

Club Car Serial Number

  • It is on the passenger side either in the glove box or below the glove box
  • It has a bar code and will look like the picture above
What do the numbers mean?
Cart Serial Number

Club Car Serial Number

  • What do the numbers mean?
    • The first two alpha characters indicate the model cart
      • i.e. PH = Precedent I2 Excel
    • The third and fourth digit is the model year of build
      • i.e. 10 = the 2010 model year
      • The year starts on August 1
    • The fifth and sixth digit is the week of build
      • i.e. 42 is the 42 second week of model year 2010
      • So this cart was built in May 2010
    • The serial number is important, so make sure you save in in a safe place
      • It is needed for insurance, registration, warranty and service
How often do I have to fill my batteries with water?
  • We recommend monthly
  • Make sure cart is fully charged before you fill the batteries
    • Otherwise the charging cycle could cause them to overflow
Can I use tap water to fill me batteries?
  • No, we recommend using distilled water
  • It is only $2.00/gallon and will make sure battery life is optimized
    • In South Carolina one gallon will last all year
Why is there battery acid on my garage floor?

Unlike car batteries, golf cart batteries are vented. During charging some vapors will escape.

Why does my cart slow down when I take my foot off of the accelerator, even when I have not touched the brakes?
  • Club Cars have what is called “regenerative braking”
  • This turns the electric motor into a generator using the energy of the vehicles momentum to produce electricity
    • This charges the battery and saves on brake lining wear
  • However it can be switched off if you like
How can I tell when my tires need air?
  • Unlike car tires, you cannot see when a golf cart tire is low on pressure
    • It does not look “flat” even when there is low pressure
  • You need to use a tire pressure gage at least twice a year and maintain 20-22 psi
  • That is why we are now supplying a dedicated pressure gage with every cart we sell

How can I adjust my cart brakes?

Watch the video below to learn more about adjusting cart brakes.